Senior Picture Ideas for Guys Part 2

Creativity in senior pictures comes in many forms but the most important tip to be yourself. You yourself are creative, so just be yourself. And for guys being yourself often includes your gear. That gear can include vehicles, sports gear, hunting gear and maybe even that special someone in your life.

In this, the second installment of tips for creative senior picture ideas for guys, I cover sports gear, girlfriends and hunting gear.

Senior Picture Ideas for Guys – Hockey Gear

One of the best ways to show off what’s important in your life is to include your sports gear in your photos. Hockey is one of those sports that has lots of gear. The rink at the Blue Mound Ice Arena still had ice in June so we took the opportunity to photograph Luverne High school senior Joe on location and on the ice. Joe has been playing hockey since he was four years old and so having this as a part of his senior pictures is going to be a great memory.

The hockey stop image was a lot of fun to create. It takes good timing, trust in your skater and a willingness to get sprayed with ice. The camera was right on the ice and the wide angle lens gives the flying ice a dramatic feel.


Senior Picture Ideas for Guys – Girlfriend

Bringing your girlfriend to your senior pictures is a great idea for a variety of reasons.

  • Your girlfriend will bring out your genuine smile. Face it, a forced smile looks like a forced smile. And as a photographer I have some pretty good jokes but to get a totally natural expression, few things work better than your girlfriend. Sometimes all it takes is a glance from that special someone to get a perfect expression.
  • Your girlfriend can help carry your stuff. Bringing all your gear into the studio can be a two or three trip undertaking. Your girlfriend probably loves pictures so she will be happy to carry¬†an armload of clothes for you.
  • Your girlfriend can help you pick out your clothes. Face it, girls know more about fashion than guys. Why not get some advice on which outfits make you look your best.
  • As long as she’s along, have her be in a few poses. It will be a great memory of this time in your life.
Senior Picture Ideas for Guys - Girlfriend

Include your girlfriend in your senior portraits.

Senior Picture Ideas for Guys – Hunting Gear

Hunting gear is another great way to show what’s important in your senior pictures. Sioux Falls Roosevelt Senior Laine Deery is an avid hunter as is his father and older brother. Laine brought two shotguns, a rifle, goose decoys and a lay down hunting blind to his senior picture session.

When photographing seniors and their guns, I prefer to be on private property so we went on location to my farm just outside of town. I chose a high camera angle to show Laine with his shotgun, goose decoys and blind. It took a lot of fine tuning to get the decoys arranged in a natural composition without competing with the guy and his gun.

Senior picture ideas for guys - Hunting Gear

The second image shows Laine with his deer rifle. The mature trees of the farm adds interest and depth to this image while showing the detail of the gun.


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