20120102 Family 0051 AboutI’m Jim Juhl and I’m the owner (along with my wife Brenda) of Myhre Studio. The photo to the left is our family picture taken last winter while we were all in Luverne  for Christmas.  Our children are Kate, Emilia, Joe and his wife Jennifer. The whole lot of them were (or are) homeschooled,  they have all helped out at the studio at one time or another and now Joe is at the studio full time.

Our goal as a family is to live for Jesus Christ and serve him. Brenda and I are both leaders with Bible Study Fellowship, an international, interdenominational Bible study with about 1000 classes worldwide and we attend classes in Sioux Falls, SD.  We also help run camping for the Lifelight Christian music festival held just south of Sioux Falls over Labor Day weekend.  We are both active in our local church and, with Christ’s help, do our best to live and run our business for our Lord Jesus Christ.

Our professional photography career started in 1994 when we photographed our first senior portrait. We operated our business out of our home for five years as Route One Photography moving the studio to Main Street in Luverne, MN in 1999. Before we were done remodeling our building, the owners of Myhre Studio offered to sell us the business. Starting on January 1, 2000 we became the sixth owners of Myhre Studio.

Photography is my second career but my first love. It was my grandfather, his camera and his printing press that first sparked my interest in photography. He did the printing for his church and I spent hours in the print shop staring at his old AB Dick printing press churning out copies of next week’s church bulletin. By the time I was 14, I had built a darkroom in my parents basement and was developing my own photos.

Although I didn’t go to school for photography, I have learned most of what I know from other photographers. Most photographers are eager to share their knowledge with others and I have been very fortunate to learn from some of the very best in the business.

Brenda helps out at the studio occasionally but is primarily an ace reporter at the Rock County Star Herald.

God has made you and I in His image and I consider it a privilege to be trusted to reveal His beauty that He has put into each one of us. You are beautiful because God made you! I would be honored to have the opportunity to create a portrait that reflects the beauty that our Creator has given to you or the ones you love.